Brawling journalists tear apart table on TV

[Video Link] The fact that I don't understand what they are saying made it more interesting to me, because I paid more attention to their increasingly aggressive body language. (Via Bits and Pieces)

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  1. After thirty years of set design and construction, including many news and panel discussion shows, I never had the privilege of having any of my work ripped up by the talent on screen. I suddenly have an empty feeling inside.

  2. Agreed, I would love to know what they're talking about. As you may have already guessed, the YouTube comments were largely unhelpful in answering this question.

  3. More info at
    "It all kicked off when guest Mohammed Al-Jayousi accused fellow journalist Shaker Al-Johari of being ‘deviant’ and for apparently supporting the revolutionaries in Syria, in response, Al-Johari accused Al-Jayousi of supporting the Assad regime in return for cash."

  4. You know that one Hitler video that people keep adding hilarious subtitles to? This.

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