Apollo spacesuit replica

The $2250 Deluxe Apollo Astronaut Full Space Suit Replica from Spacetoys is made from nylon-denim twill, and features faithful recreations of the fittings and apparatus. However, unlike Kip's storied suit in Have Spacesuit Will Travel, this one appears unlikely to be spaceworthy no matter how much work you put into it. Not even the $9500 Apollo 11 model fits that bill.

* Deluxe Apollo Space Suit

* Metal Neck Ring

* Metal Hose Fittings

* Nylon Denim Twill Fabric

* Metal Studs Throughout

* Apollo Helmet Nylon Denim Twill Wrap

* Tinted Smoke Visor or you can get it in Gold or Clear!

* Snoopy Cap Stretchable Material Foam Ear Covers Elastic Chin Strap and Microphone

* Front / Back Pack

* Pressure Fit Plastic Hose Couplings

* Air Hoses Front Pack (attaches to suit)

* Space Gloves Heavy Nylon Material Rubber Finger Tips

* Space Boots Fit Over Your Shoes (one size fits all)

Deluxe Apollo Astronaut Full Space Suit Replica (via Red Ferret)