This Day in Blogging History: Help identify child abuser; Laser-etched thumbnail calendar; Make a cardboard Star Wars playset (1978)

One year ago today
US seeks internet's help in tracking child porn producer, rescuing victim of ongoing abuse: DHS solicits the public's help in tracking down a child pornography producer suspect [shown here] who is seen in a series of videos in which a 7-9 year old girl is repeatedly sexually assaulted.

Five years ago today
Calendar laser-etched into thumbnails: Bre Pettis etched a calendar into his thumbnails with a laser cutter.

Ten years ago today
1978 Star Wars playset HOWTO: This is a HOWTO from a 1978 issue of Women's Day magazine, describing how to build an elaborate Star Wars playset (with moving conveyor belt!) out of laminate, cardboard, plywood and the like.

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