Boing Boing's Happy Mutant Mobile: first look!

Boing Boing's Happy Mutant Mobile is on its way to next weekend's Maker Faire Bay Area 2014! Here's a glimpse of the nearly-completed vehicle, created with support from our sponsors at Ford.

This post is brought to you by Ford.

What's a Happy Mutant Mobile? As we've posted, our sponsors at Ford agreed to support the customization, modification, and transformation of a 2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon into what we (and you) imagined for a Boing Boing road machine. (Original announcement here and check out all the posts here!)

Over the last few months, Theresa Contreras and her talented team of makers at L&G Enterprises in San Dimas, California worked their magic. We visited the shop as they were almost finished with the mods and brought along Ryan Powers, a longtime BB reader who dreamed up the bubble-blowing Jackhammer Jill for the hood, and Boing Boing Video director Eric Mittleman who documented the trip for us.

You can see the finished Happy Mutant Mobile in person next weekend at Maker Faire Bay Area 2014! Afterwards, we'll post some beauty shots... and boy, is it a beaut.

Published 9:29 am Thu, May 15, 2014

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