Desk lamps, GoPro Hero3, Red Ryder BB Gun (Gadgets 002)

Gadgets is Boing Boing's newest podcast! In each episode the editors and friends of Boing Boing recommend technology they love and use. This time, we discuss the Satechi LED Desk Lamp, the Alvin Magnifier Lamp, the GoPro HERO3+ video camera, and the Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun.

Our picks this week:

Satechi LED Desk Lamp: $60

alvinAlvin Magnifier Lamp: $75

bbgun600Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun: $39 (Goes well with Spinning Zombie Targets: $10)

heroGoPro HERO3+ video camera

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Published 11:44 am Thu, May 15, 2014

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