/ Don Mann / 5 am Thu, May 15 2014
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  • Navy SEAL team tech

    Navy SEAL team tech

    As a former member of SEAL Teams 1, 2, and 6 and the author of six books, together with Ralph Pezzullo, about Navy SEALs, Don Mann says the one thing that makes Navy SEALs the most elite warriors on the planet is their equipment. "It’s literally the most high-tech, state-of-the art combat gear and equipment available."

    Mann_Hunt the JackalSome of the SEAL teams' tech comes directly out of the developmental labs at DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency), which is responsible for the development of new technologies to keep the U.S. military technically ahead of our enemies. Examples of high-tech gadgets that real SEALs use are below. (I equipped my fictional SEAL team with this gear in my latest thriller, Hunt the Jackal)

    You can bet that some of these items are currently being used by SEALs in hot spots across the globe.

    Some other very cool DAPRA projects currently under development include: