New footage of FDR walking

A new bit of footage showing President Franklin Delano Roosevelt walking, a rare sight after he was paralyzed by polio, was publicly shown for the first time; the clip was shot in 1937 at Washington, DC's Griffith Stadium by baseball player Jimmie DeShong.

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  1. Old says:

    "That's ball four, and FDR takes his base"

  2. Way to go Boing Boing. Now I have lost all faith in the Presidency. (Oh, wait.)

  3. Weird this was posted today, last night I saw Ed Asner doing a one man show of FDR. Ed was a bit rough, but who isn't at 82? I didn't realize FDR was as mobile as he was, able to walk short distances with braces. He told an anecdote of a brace unlocking and him nearly taking a tumble in public.

  4. FDR didn't really walk. His legs were nonfunctional. He developed a way of feigning a walk by following a carefully planned route between supports and swiveling his torso to make it look as if his legs were operating.

    Which, if anything, is even more awesome.

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