The amazing carousel animal art of Tim Racer

1669789_762125143811920_1403894082860736383_o tim_honky_studioArtist Tim Racer is best known for his original carved sculptural works in the style of old-timey carousel creatures. Here are some photos from his Facebook, and here's his website. He is available for custom work, and also restores and helps preserves 19th-century carousel animals. He also co-founded BADRAP, a pitbull rescue organization.


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  1. These are absolutely beautiful. The dogs must think he's some kind of creationist god.
    I'd love to get my dogs made.

  2. there is nothing to adjust this is fatalities that we are talking about here. The breeds under the pitbull title were bred to do as much damage as possible in the dog fighting ring.

    don't believe me? Idc just please stop spreading pro propaganda about these often deadly or damaging breeds.

  3. I think what he means is that these deaths are preventable (by choosing not to maintain a Pitbull). 151 people dead might not sound much in absolute numbers but each life was a world in itself, especially in comparison to the life of a dog.

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