Haunted Mansion Etsy Rummage: the golden age of Mansion merch

Apart from 1975-80, this is the greatest time to be a Haunted Mansion fan and collector, writes Cory Doctorow -- and it's all thanks to Etsy.

Apart from the great Randotti era, this is the greatest time to be a Haunted Mansion fan and collector, and it's all thanks to Etsy. I've just had a rummage through the Mansion handicrafts for sale there, and I present herewith my favorites.

Hitchhiker Ghosts from Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. Oil on canvas board (3 separate paintings)
$150. 8" x 18", 8" x 15", 8" x 13".

Disneyland's Haunted Mansion Custom Made Shoes. ARTWORK and SHOES INCLUDED
$185. The seller does Toms, Vans, Keds and Converse. You can save $50 by supplying your own shoes.

Haunted mansion Grounds keeper. OOAK 1:4 scale figure, gothic
$500. One of a kind piece made for a Mansion-tribute gallery show, stands 23" tall.

Haunted Mansion bikini
$50. Made to order.

Hatbox Ghost Haunt Soft Black Leather Crossbody Bag Purse
$40. Handmade elk-hyde one-of-a-kind, hand-painted purse.

Madame Leota Spellbook Haunted Mansion Replica
$30. a delightful piece of contrafactual design fiction; as far as I know, this book is not a replica of a thing in the Mansion, but rather a thing that should be in the Mansion.

Haunted Mansion Stretching Portrait Italian Marble Coasters
$25. Just the thing for tiling the kitchen or bathroom.

Disneyland T-Shirt Disney T-Shirt The Haunted Mansion Ride Glow In The Dark T-Shirt Black T-Shirt
$148. This is just silly, but it's the best HM shirt they ever did, in my opinion, and I'm quite sentimental about the design since it's the shirt I was wearing when I met my first serious girlfriend, and I continued to wear it for 10+ years, until it hung in rags. I still have it.

Published 5:39 am Wed, May 21, 2014

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