Here's what it looks like when 20 million bees escape all at once

beesIf you're afraid of bees, don't click on this slideshow documenting what happened when a truck carrying some 20 million bees overturned on a Delaware highway. There's video, too. Shame to waste all that honey! Hope the bees made it out alive, and can find new homes. [Photo: The News Journal]

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  1. Bees were meant to be free, not kept in a cage!

    …unless it's Nicholas Cage.

  2. They're covered in BEEEESSSSS!

  3. It looks like photographers keep their distance, is what it looks like....

  4. tropo says:
        20 million is more bees than the average truck. Why would one truck have so many? It's not like they sell them at WalMart?

    Likely crop pollination. I know during almond bloom season in California, 20 million would be a normal shipment.

    from the article:

    "The state's 91 million almond trees, a fifth of which grow in Kern
    County, rely on roughly 20 billion bees to carry pollen from one variety
    of trees to another."

    (Somehow I double posted and then deleted both when trying to delete the duplicate. Let's try this again.)

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