Hudson's Bay blankets, a centuries-old tradition

The Hudson's Bay 6 Point Blanket is a centuries-old Canadian classic of comfort and wool and stylish stripes, and, as I discovered, it's kind of a pain in the ass to source from outside of Canada. Now there's a US distributor (based in the UK!) that's selling them on Amazon, at a price that's competitive with Ebay and other non-official (and sometimes unreliable) sources. Warning, that price is high: $437 (but Prime shipping is included). There really is no blanket like it.

Hudson Bay 6 Point Blanket (via Canopy)

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  1. I've considered buying a Hudson's Bay Blanket, and read up on some of the methods for dating and authenticating vintage versions.

    I decided not to make the purchase, because

    1. even Value Village seems to know not to sell them used for less than hundreds of dollars and
    2. it would just feel funny having a sample of one of the most storied disease vectors in the history of colonial genocide draped over my spare bed.

    They are handsome though, and redolent of history.

  2. I've had one of these blankets for years. It has been in the family for some time; I'm not sure how long, but I'm guessing I am either generation three or four to have used it.

    The poor thing finally lost its distinctive logo patch a few years ago, and has a moth-hole the size of a fist. But it's still my number one go-to blanket for serious warmth in the winter.

    Due to the cosmetic wear, I considered buying a new one last year. Saw the current retail and balked rather hard. Not so much because they're expensive -- good things frequently are -- but because, shit man, mine still works just fine.

  3. The blankets are made in England. Woolrich is a Pennsylvania company that imports them to the US. A look at the Wikipedia page for the blankets shows the company that makes them now - John Atkinson, a sub brand of A.W. Hainsworth & Sons Ltd. It looks like you can buy what is essentially the same point blanket under a different name in England.

  4. I had one of these as a kid. It was... a blanket.

  5. To clarify, the coloured stripes are not the indication of the point count. The points are thin dark lines woven into one edge of the blanket so that the size and weight can be read when the blanket is folded.

    Here's a 3 1/2 pointer:

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