Unorthodox motorcycle helmet test shows cheap is bad

In this test a Marushin Samara, approx $260USD, takes a hammer strike while a $40USD RZO does not.

If your head is only worth $40 to you, go for it. I am a huge fan of my Bell Bullitt TT.

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(Thanks, Dan Rodarte!)

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  1. In any motorcycle helmet thread, I have to bring up one of my favorite pieces of journalism:

    This article was responsible for changing the helmet standards in the US from hard ones that could absorb 2 blows in the same spot to softer (more protective) ones that would only absorb one blow in each spot. The chance of 2 hard hits in the same spot was statistically relatively low, and being softer means the brain gets less g-forces (which is important even if the scalp or bone is never damaged).

    Anyway, the article pissed off most of the magazine's advertisers and got the journalist fired. But, amazing courage for what could have been a fluff piece.

  2. keep riding. take up club (on track) road racing. you will soon develop opinions of what a 'good' helmet is.

    DOT? is simply a fee paid to the US DOT for certification.
    Snell - at least they do SOME testing.

    Actually SEEING get-offs at the track, and how the helmets hold up? will help you form a real opinion.

    is a $700 helmet better than a $250 helmet? no, but it is more comfortable on the inside

    at the moment? I'm a big fan of the Scorpion EXO 1100 series for street. Shoei X12 for track, and I am eagerly waiting for GIVI to pay off the DOT, so they can sell their "Tourer" to me for dual sport rides....

    That Bullitt is cute, it looks like the old Bell Star 2 Evel Knievel used to wear. I've never seen one at the track.

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