Buff Headware, multi-purpose head sock


Initially designed for off-road motorcyclists, Buff's headwear makes my life better. Helmets are easier to put on, the back of my neck not exposed to the sun! Other sports benefit too!

A simple, stretchy polyester tube that you can stretch over your head or wear like a scarf around your neck. Buff makes them in tons of colors and styles. I wear one over my whole head, covering my neck, under my motorcycle helmet, and under the neck seal of my Fusion drysuit. They come in handy hiking and camping too!

Buff Headgear

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  1. I can't believe you didn't link to their wonderful demo video:

  2. Second the recommendation! These things are great for preventing redneck and quickly pull up to cover your mouth and nose when you suddenly encounter an unpleasant dust cloud.

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