This Day in Blogging History: The Man Who Laughs graphic novel; Rucker's gnarly videos; Nude coaster record

One year ago today
The Man Who Laughs: grotesque Victor Hugo potboiler was the basis for The Joker: The Man Who Laughs is a graphic novel adaptation of a 1869 Victor Hugo novel that is chiefly remembered for inspiring a 1928 film whose poster-art, in turn, inspired the character of the Joker.

Five years ago today
Gnarly Videos: All on their own, ordinary processes can make incredibly convoluted shapes. Consider, for instance the field lines of some magnets moving around each other, as shown in this video by Daniel Piker, who has a great blog of computational gnarl called Space Symmetry Structure.

Ten years ago today
Nude coaster record: A group in Surrey have set the world's record for largest group of naked people on a rollercoaster.