Woman attacked by car-smashing, LSD-loving 'High Elf' speaks out

Sue Bales, victim of the crazy guy on acid who identified himself as a High Elf. (KATU)

Sue Bales, victim of the crazy guy on acid who identified himself as a High Elf. (KATU)

LSD-loving-Superhero_051332858157 KATU TV has a video interview with the driver of the BMW attacked by Portland's "high elf." As we blogged previously, a man high on LSD who donned chain-mail, helmet, shield, sword, and staff, ran into traffic and started attacking her BMW a few weeks ago.

Konrad Bass of Glendale, Oregon told police he was a "high-elf engaged in battle with the evil Morgoth." But the victim was not Morgoth. Her name is Sue Bales, and she was driving her teenage daughter to school at the time. Both were trapped inside the car while he plunged a sword into the roof, and were understandably terrified. Also, now her car is trashed.

From KATU:

"He took a giant step and all of a sudden he was on the hood of my car. Oh, and we didn't know what to do so he's standing there and we just kept thinking, he'll go away. We'll just be really quiet then he stepped up on to the roof,” Bales said.

Then things got scary.

"We didn't know he had a weapon. And, he pulled a sword out of his robe that was about three feet long. It looked like from the days of King Arthur,” she said.

The hood of Bales' car took the brunt of the fight.

"He gets up and he stands on the hood of my car and he takes the sword and he begins plunging it into the hood of my car,” Bales explained.

Video here.

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Notable Replies

  1. I'm fairly sure that was just a very very very high human.

  2. Police said he told them he was a “high elf” battling Morgoth, an evil character in Lord of the Rings.

    The High Elves battled Morgoth in the Silmarilion. You would have to be really delusional to think the High Elves battled Morgoth in the Lord of the Rings.

  3. "When asked if he regrets what happened, Bass said, 'I mean, yeah, to a certain point.'"

    To a certain point?! What a dick.

  4. Christ what a High Elfhole.

  5. My teenage daughter certainly is.

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