Moscow activists step into the path of cars driving on the sidewalk

Here's a highlight reel of the adventures of a Moscow youth-group whose members physically place their bodies in the path of cars whose drivers insist on driving on sidewalks to beat Moscow's epic traffic. It's an inspiring couple of minutes of semi-suicidal bravery in the service of pedestrianism. (via Reddit)

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  1. CLamb says:

    I've fantasized about doing a similar thing here in New Jersey except in crosswalks and pushing a stroller full of cinder blocks in front of me.

  2. Better strategy: precariously carry an open bucket full of red paint. Act distracted.

  3. I appreciate the sentiment but if I were to go into this line of work I'd use a reliable tool for shredding tires to slow the cars down (nails? glass? improvised spike strips?) instead of my body.

  4. jetfx says:

    While kind of impractical the Czech Hedgehog would be effective in keeping cars of the sidewalk. It helped keep German tanks out of Moscow.

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