DIY X-Men: Pyro flamethrowers

Colin Furze, who made the amazing DIY Wolverine claws, continues his X-Men experimentation with wristworn Pyro flamethrowers; demo above, how-to video below (via Laughing Squid).

Notable Replies

  1. That's pretty awesome. Though he's braver than me for not wearing some Nomex gloves.

  2. He's brave, indeed. And resilient too. One of his videos shows how he got a fairly unpleasant burn in an accident with a jet engine (or something like that) run too close to a leaky joint on the piping. The fireball was a sight to see, and the blisters too. I admire his composedness when he got the burns treated. Ouch. But then, three weeks and he was like new again.

    On a side note, flamethrowers are cool! Fwooooooosh! Mwahahahahahaha! smiley

    Edit: And the TIG welding rig is giving me a bad case of workshop envy.

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