Why men abuse women


Here's a list generated by participants in a court-mandated intervention program in Minnesota for men who beat up women.

"The facilitator asked the men what benefits they received from abusing their wives and girlfriends," writes ProPublica's Nina Martin. The answers-—unabashed and chilling— filled a 4 x 8 whiteboard."

• She’s scared and won’t go out and spend money
• She won’t argue
• Feeling superior: she’s accountable to me
• (I) get the money
• Total control in decision-making
• She feels less worthy, so defers to my needs and wants
• (I get) a robot babysitter, maid, sex, food
• Isolate her so her friends can’t confront me
• She works for me
• Convince her she’s nuts
• Convince her she’s unattractive
• Convince her she’s to blame
• Get to write history
• Kids on my side against her
• She won’t call police