Multi-storey minibus

This multi-storey VW minibus comes from Berger Stadel Walsh of Basel. I'm not clear on whether it's a shoop or a magnificent folly, but I prefer to imagine the latter.

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  1. Come don't expect this guy to camp out in a normal VW minivan, do you?

  2. jlw says:

    Yeah, that is certainly a bus bearing a lot of weight. I would fear a crosswind.

  3. and the perspective on the windows is all the same despite the height changing. def shopped.

  4. What ericjs said. If this were real, each higher "ceiling" would look a little taller on the image, because you would be looking at each higher ceiling from a couple more feet farther below its plane. In the picture, however, all the inner ceilings are shown from the same angle, which is not possible unless the higher levels are wedge-shaped and tilt towards the viewer like a stack of binders.

    But I was fooled for a few seconds there.


  5. Just needs some outriggers...

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