This Day in Blogging History: Attention, computers, and education; Cinema fined $10K for bag-search; Evoting and open source

One year ago today
Linda Stone on attention, computers, and education: At one point, I interviewed a handful of Nobel laureates about their childhood play patterns. They talked about how they expressed their curiosity through experimentation. They enthusiastically described things they built, and how one play experience naturally led into another. In most cases, by the end of the interview, the scientist would say, "This is exactly what I do in my lab today! I'm still playing!"

Five years ago today
Canadian cinema fined $10,000 for privacy invasion over bag-search: A Canadian cinema has been fined C$10,000 for invasion of privacy when it searched a mother and daughter's bags for video cameras, but instead pulled out birth control pills from the daughter's purse. The mother had no idea. She sued. She won

Ten years ago today
NYT: E-Voting will only work if it's open source: Electronic voting has much to offer, but will we ever be able to trust these buggy machines? Yes, we will -- but only if we adopt the techniques of the ''open source'' geeks.