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When foggy nights and frequent power outages make things pitch black, I reach for one of these low-cost, wind up flashlights. Living in a world where dead flashlight batteries are almost never a problem is actually very nice.

I wonder how I've missed the horror movie scene where a victim franticly tries to charge one.

2pc Wind-Up Flashlight Set

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  1. Like I said I never particularly liked the light out put. I've always found it more useful to keep plenty of batteries and quality flashlights, oil lamps, candles, camping lanterns on hand for the frequent power outages we get. Since I know the power will be coming back in 1 - 24 hours most time I can leave things like hand cranked low output flashlights and these for those situations where we don't have power for days or weeks. They are however excellent for giving to kids, so they don't burn through potentially necessary batteries or burn down the house with candles. The Garrities put out a lot more light than hand cranked guys and store for huge lengths of time without the battery kicking. But they're disposable so they're, again, only really appropriate when other options won't work. Or when they're likely to be destroyed. Which is why they're popular with firemen and fishermen.

  2. jlw says:

    I keep this

    around for walking the dogs at night and keep it by the front door. Next to the bed and other doors, I keep these and a big old Mag Light.

    The hand cranked lights are perfect for what they are. Never dead and always enough light to get around inside or just outside the house. They are certainly enough to help me find other, stronger lights and things during a power outage.

  3. If they're anything like the one I have around the house here (that looks identical) the battery or capacitor or whatever that holds the charge doesn't last that long. Mine is a few years old now and won't work for any amount of time unless you are actually cranking it and even then, only very dimly.

  4. I've found that a simple LED flashlight at the keychain is much more likely to be around than any other kind of flashlight, though I do own (and use) a Fenix something with a ridiculous amount of lux.

    Frequent power outages? I'm 48 and I think I experienced two that were outside our control. Not really high on my list, living in an industrialized country.

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