Women who'd never seen their vulvas given a mirror and a modesty screen

Women who'd never seen their vulvas were offered a modesty screen and a hand mirror and given the chance to have a peek. They liked what they saw, and were sweetly affirmed by it. (via Dan Hon)

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  1. 10/10 for saying "vulva" in the headline. Wherever else I've seen this, they've used the word "vagina", which it isn't. The first time I saw it I wondered how on earth, short of visiting Annie Sprinkle, they'd managed to see their own vaginas. (Or, vaginae as spell-check is insisting I write instead.)

  2. You can, and I shit you not, buy an endoscope attachment that fits on your freaking iphone, if you have a pressing desire to look inside your own unmentionables. Because this is the future, and it is fucking mental here.

  3. I think it's weird when folks dissect women's behaviors when they have been sexually assaulted. Women don't have to act any one way. We don't know the situation surrounding that woman's assault, how long it's been, or how it effected her. I think there's a lot of mythology around how a woman is supposed to act if she has been assaulted. We also don't know if these women brought friends with them to the filming to feel safe.

  4. I was really struck by the red head's response. Her relief to find out she looks normal was so palpable. I really felt for her that she had avoided looking at herself because her first boyfriend said she was hideous. I can't imagine the amount of emotional pain she had gone through thinking something was wrong with her, on top of all the messages women get about their vulvas.

  5. It seems to have worked out all right for these ladies, regardless of what you think they ought to have done.

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