Larry Storch, F-Troop's Cpl. Agarn, named Ft. Lee mayor for a day

Agarn 8

Honoring a long career in comedy, Ft. Lee, New Jersey named timeless actor Larry Storch mayor for a day. F-Troop is one of my favorites.

Via North

“It was ‘F Troop,’ ‘Star Trek’ and I’m going to say ‘The Odd Couple’ floated in there somewhere,” (actual Ft. Lee Mayor) Sokolich said. “It was great and to see him here in Fort Lee. He’s befriended our local film commission and we’ve kind of adopted him as Fort Lee’s favorite uncle. It’s really, really cool, it really is, to be able to relive your childhood, back when days were simpler, if you know what I mean.”

I am amazed as to how loved F-Troop is and how it'd be impossible to air today.