Why are there gay, lesbian, and bisexual people?


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  1. some_guy

    In their minds they were Turks and Muslims, despite coming from Christian European stock.

    Huh?! Belonging to one tribe or another is not at all comparable to innate sexual desire. Nobody has ever said "speaking Turkish" was a genetic trait, and a pale-skinned blonde Swede isn't going to turn dark-haired and swarthy from being raised by Turks; this is genetics, not Lamarck's "Transmutation of Species." Nevertheless, the sheer quantity of homosexuals who are raised among (and as) heterosexuals obviously disproves your point-- for centuries homosexuals were born in cultures where it was frowned upon, so any "nature vs. nurture" argument is moot here.

    (Sorry, originally posted this in reply to the wrong comment.)

  2. GilbertWham

    Science is all well and groovy, but I'm pretty much fine with, 'There just are. Now fucking deal with it'.

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