How It Works …. The Computer (Ladybird books, 1978)

Rob Beschizza found a copy of one of his favorite childhood books about computers. And now you can enjoy it too!

By Rob Beschizza

Text and images by Ladybird Books. Remix by Rob. Wormholed from the archives of Boing Boing. Original scans from

Published 5:04 pm Tue, Jun 3, 2014

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  1. Marktech

    I mourn no longer needing the knack of loading one of those giant voice recorders.

    And when I am a trillionaire I'll buy a chain printer and the world's surviving stock of landscape-format green bar paper, solely so that I can die of nostalgia.

  2. AndyandJo_Ward_

    "If computers are not regularly fed with programs they may become listless and unhappy" Absolute quality

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