This Day in Blogging History: Deluxe Watchmen; CARDIAC paper computer; California Adventure is a ghost town

One year ago today
Deluxe hardcover of Watchmen: The new Deluxe Edition of Watchmen landed in my post-box today. It's a very well-made hardcover edition of one of the canonical modern graphic novels. Everyone should have at least one edition of Watchmen on the shelf, and this is a pretty nice one to have.

Five years ago today
CARDIAC paper computer emulator: A CARDIAC emulator that actually looks like the real CARDIAC, complete with source. My childhood was definitely influenced by this little wonder out of Bell Labs, so for those who can't get the cardboard variant, here's the software one, along with a scan of the original CARDIAC manual.

Ten years ago today
Disney's California Adventure is a ghost town: Here's what the DOE should do: hire Michael Eisner to design a theme park over the radioactive dumps. They'll never have to worry about anyone setting foot there again.