The Tor challenge: run a Tor node for great justice

EFF, Freedom of the Press Foundation, Free Software Foundation and The Tor Project have launched The Tor Challenge, a campaign to encourage people to run Tor nodes. "Tor is a powerful tool that helps you stay anonymous online. It can protect your privacy as you browse the Internet and circumvent government censorship of the webpages you visit. We need your help to keep Tor strong. Run a Tor relay today." Here's how to get started.

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  1. First of all, I thought for great justice we were supposed to remove every Zig?

    Second, given that people are having their doors broken by the cops for shit people do on their WiFi, is this actually safe? What are the legal remedies if someone's using your Tor exit node for drugs or child porn? I would love to run Tor to help the disenfranshised, but I have a family to think about. The list of sacrifices I'd make for a stranger include giving money, but not ruining my life.

  2. No, it does not.

    Further (as memory serves) you can throttle the traffic, by declaring how much bandwidth you're prepared to allow the Tor network to use.

    However, the network learns over time. When you first create a node and join the network, you get very little traffic. The longer your node is up, the more traffic you get passing through.

    I ran my Tor node on an old (and I mean really old) mac mini, so I was okay with it being on all the time. The computer is just handling packets, so it doesn't need to be some kind of high-end rig.

  3. sounds like a good use of a raspberry pi

  4. Thanks for the reply. I might have to do this, to help out the EFF. My main PC at home has turned into primarily a Minecraft machine for the kids anyhow.

  5. Because as things stand right now, anyone who is operating a Tor node is likely to be 'abnormal' ?

    You're just perpetuating the FUD I responded to with my reply to Rider, and it's all based on the tacit assumption that a desire for anonymity is a sure indicator of criminality

    Since your mind is already made up on this topic, I advise you to definitely not click this link that refutes your argument more eloquently and succinctly than I can.

    At the end of the day, you can rest assured that no one is going to force you to operate a Tor node, so your normalcy is secure.

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