Cows greet a Boxer puppy (video)

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cows: look at this tiny cow is he okay?
dog: these big dogs are pretty cool

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  1. What a well mannered pooch!

    Train 'em young, folks! It pays off!

  2. It seemed as if once the black cow got a little spooked, the pup made an immediate effort to be as passive and non-threatening as possible. Nice doggy.

  3. Yeah. I'll just be a party pooper here, but let's just all generally try to avoid bringing cows, dogs and people together in the same vicinity, especially if the cows have calves. That's a great way to get trampled (and possibly seriously injured and/or killed) by a herd of cows that actually don't like having a close relative of wolves near their babies.

  4. You're much more likely to be killed by a cow than a shark but cows aren't seen as dangerous. There's far more deaths by cow than by shark.

    Anyway, this is why I have strung cow-nets around Schloss Martian. Can't be too careful in this cow-infested country. I presume the video cut out before the dog was devoured by merciless cows. frowning

  5. I'll put in a vote for 'pragmatic pooch'. Badly outnumbered and on a short leash is not a strong bargaining position against anything remotely familiar with trampling.

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