Improbable, beautiful ceramic teapots

Spotted at the Contemporary Craft Fair, the amazing teapots of Rylatt of Wales: improbably shaped ceramics with metallic, dark glazes. I wheedled my wife into getting me one for my upcoming birthday, and it is destined to be a favorite and a source of joy around my office.


Notable Replies

  1. As beautiful as these are I'm curious about their utility. As with wine decanters the classic/traditional shapes exist because they accomplish the base (or one of the base) functions of the object (for tea pots keeping leaves out of your cup, for decanters aerating wine). Most stylish, modern designs often have big problems performing these basic functions. And that bugs me. But I guess with a tea pot there are a few thousand otherways to keep loose leaves contained so it probably doesn't matter much.

  2. These look like Farscape props. And I mean that in a good way.

  3. I wonder whether they'll ship the teapot to you in a Michel Harvey "cardboard" box.

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