Possibly the most genius don't-text-and-drive PSA ever

Volkswagen and ad agency Ogilvy Beijing created this powerful and sneaky PSA for moviegoers in China, to warn of the dangers of being distracted by your smartphone while driving. We don't know that the footage is genuine, but even it not--it's a powerful concept. More at Ads of the World.

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  1. xzzy says:

    Seems staged to me, maybe people leave their chimes on in China but at least around me once the lights go dark people put their phones on mute. Obviously there's always one jerk still texting away with their portable sun searing itself into my dark-acclimated eyes, but they're at least quiet when they do it.

  2. Too bad the text was in English. Since, you know, it was in China.

  3. So – isn't anyone freaked about how incredibly easy it is to sniff the phone numbers of a theater full of movie goers? Was that actually legal? Who can get access to this tech, and for what reasons?

    Inquiring minds want to know. It seems obvious there's an extremely high potential for abuse here.

  4. I bookmarked this. I'll watch it on my commute home tonight ...

  5. If it's real, then it probably used a SMS-CB (cell broadcast), which is a form of broadcast alert sent by the local cell-tower. They could have setup a local tower with a limited range and then broadcast the alert. This type of alert also overrides any sound settings to silence phones. In the US and other countries it is commonly used for emergency broadcasts such as tornado alerts or amber alerts.

    So no phone numbers were needed. I'm not a GSM expert, but, there is no easy way to 'sniff' phone numbers, you can only obtain the EMEI of the nearby devices.

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