The woman who lived (and had sex) with a dolphin

In 1964, Margaret Howe Lovatt, working with psychedelic dolphin researcher John Lilly, began to live with one of the animals full-time as part of a NASA-funded study about interspecies communication; a new documentary about Lovatt, titled "The Girl Who Talked to Dolphins," airs on BBC4 later this month. Above, a clip of Lovatt talking about how she developed a deep intimate relationship with Peter the dolphin that veered into the sexual. At the time, a sexploitative article in Hustler, the high weirdness of the experiments itself that included giving LSD to dolphins, and myriad other unpleasant issues, brought the project to a very sad end.

"The dolphin who loved me: the Nasa-funded project that went wrong" (The Observer)

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  1. Birthing the dolphin/human hybrid was a piece of cake!

    Nursing? Not so much...

  2. The blog title is kind of misleading, the article says that the dolphin's periodic sexual urges were distracting him from his "English lessons" and it took too much time to transport him to the tank with the female dolphins whenever that happened, so "it just seemed easier for Lovatt to relieve his urges herself manually". Would you say a cattle breeder who "manually relieves" a bull is sleeping with the bull? (and that's after the blog title was edited, it originally said "the woman who lived (and had sex) with a dolphin").

  3. The blog who posted (and left up) a clickbaity shock article that misleads anyone who doesn't click through. They didn't give LSD to peter. Plus it did nothing anyway.

    Injecting the dolphins with LSD was not something Lovatt was in favour of and she insisted that the drug was not given to Peter, which Lilly agreed to. But it was his lab, and they were his animals, she recalls. And as a young woman in her 20s she felt powerless to stop him giving LSD to the other two dolphins.

    "Peter liked to be with me," explains Lovatt. "He would rub himself on my knee, or my foot, or my hand. And at first I would put him downstairs with the girls," she says. But transporting Peter downstairs proved so disruptive to the lessons that, faced with his frequent arousals, it just seemed easier for Lovatt to relieve his urges herself manually.

    For Lovatt it was a precious thing, which was always carried out with great respect. "Peter was right there and he knew that I was right there," she continues. "It wasn't sexual on my part. Sensuous perhaps. It seemed to me that it made the bond closer. Not because of the sexual activity, but because of the lack of having to keep breaking. And that's really all it was. I was there to get to know Peter. That was part of Peter."

    PS: psychedelic dolphin researcher - where do I sign up??

  4. "So long, and thanks for all the hand jobs."

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