1949 chart shows difference between high- and low-brow taste


This chart from a 1949 issue of LIFE will help you determine if you are high-brow, upper middle-brow, lower middle-brow, or low-brow. I like wedge iceberg lettuce salad so I am lower middle-brow. (via TWBE)

Notable Replies

  1. omems says:

    My Heavens, what a load of arseholes.

  2. Lowenbrau?

  3. Kimmo says:

    I like beer, cosmology and astrophysics, jeans and sneakers, ontology and existential questions in philosophy, greasy hamburgers and Coke, art and science history, South Park, arthouse cinema, weed, furthering political evolution, and porn.

    Phrenologise that.

  4. Unwashed salad bowl?

    Well, I suppose diarrhea was raging high-brow in the late 40's

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