Blogging History: Smearing Snowden; Game theory v Batman villains; GWB's torture methods

One year ago today
Snowden smearing begins: David Brooks' piece is particularly grotesque, and not simply because going to it means having to look at one of his weird Zoolanderesque mugshots.

Five years ago today
Econoblogger explains why Batman villains shouldn't cooperate: ShadowBanker, a comics-oriented econoblogger, examines the economic rationality of the Batman villains depicted in Jeph Loeb comics like The Long Halloween and Dark Victory, which show the colorful villains acting in unlikely concert.

Ten years ago today
Washington Post on Bush's torture methods: What if the foreign interrogator of an American "knows that severe pain will result from his actions" but proceeds because causing such pain is not his main objective? What if a foreign leader were to decide that the torture of an American was needed to protect his country's security? Would Americans regard that as legal, or morally acceptable? According to the Bush administration, they should.