Inside the design of 3D printed back-braces and fairings

Joris writes, "I did an interview with Scott Summit who designs beautiful 3D printed fairings and back braces. 3D printing lets the customer customize them and makes the orthopedic implant become much more a part of themselves and their lives."

SS: I feel that 3D printing and medicine make for a natural marriage. This has already transformed some industries – hearing aids, orthodentistry, surgical guides, etc – but I suspect we’ve only opened the door. The benefits that 3D printing has to many medical areas represents a vast potential to improve the lives of people with needs. We’ve seen another profound new development recently, thanks to the introduction of consumer printers. We’re now seeing ‘garage innovators’ coming up with their own inventions and prototyping them at home. This may not be applicable for all areas of medicine, but bringing more creative minds into the mix can only infuse the field with rich ideas, I suspect.

JS: What impact will 3D printing have on the world?

SS: On the world? That’s a big question. It’s already showing areas where it has improved industries, lives, and the cultivation of ideas. But I think this is just the beginning. I’m excited to see what happens when the current generation of kids reaches the age where they can take their ideas out into the world. This generation will never have known a time when you couldn’t hold an idea in your hand the day after you design it. That’s the kind of fuel for a new age of innovation.

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