World's oldest cat dies at 24 years old

RIP, Poppy.

RIP, Poppy.

Poppy, the world’s oldest cat, has died at the ripe old cat age of 24.

More at the Guinness Book of World Records.

Poppy was born in February 1990, the same month Nelson Mandela was released from prison and lived through five British Prime Ministers. She is reported to have passed away on Friday following a problem with her hind legs and a water infection. Guinness World Records would like to extend our condolences to Poppy’s owner Jacqui West and her family.

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  1. Interesting. The late Gene Verden had a Siamese cat that claimed to be 28 years old. It looked just as raggedy as Poppy does.

  2. No way is that the world's oldest cat. Ask any vet and you'll see older. One of my friends claimed a 30-year-old, and still has several over 20.

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