Song of the Day: "Pagan Atheists"

From the YouTube description: "Manka Faith's Christian pop superstars Tween Jesus & Me have struck gold yet again with "Pagan Atheists." [Video link. Thanks, Jill!]

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  1. The important question is, does someone know if this is supposed to be satire?

  2. micah says:
  3. They had me fooled. That video is right in line with a lot of completely earnest performances I've seen in person.

  4. "You're not making Christianity better, you're just making rock and roll worse." Hank Hill

  5. Shuck says:

    The choice of song to use as a melody threw me off a bit - I couldn't recollect what it was, but it seemed to me that it was a bit more raunchy than the songs usually repurposed for religious remakes. Otherwise, it is, indeed, completely dead-on in every respect. Which I suppose makes it a bit superfluous, really.

    Do a search for "You don't need evolution" and you'll turn up a bunch of creationist websites & arguments.

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