Meet the children of four famous Disney villains

Descendants is a Disney Channel original movie directed by Kenny Ortega that will feature the teenage progeny of Disney’s classic characters – most notably its villains. The film will premiere on the Disney Channel in 2015.

Mal – Daughter of Maleficent (played by Dove Cameron)

Evie – Daughter of the Evil Queen (played by Sofia Carson)

Jay – Son of Jafar (played by Booboo Stewart)

Carlos – Son of Cruella de Vil (played by Cameron Boyce)

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  1. "For the last time, Jay— you are not getting into my 'Cave of Wonders!' "

  2. Yeah, not really feeling it. I could see the Evil Queen and Jafar getting a storyline linked because at least both of those take place in "the magic past" and in some kind of fairytale land/space. You could toss Ursula in there too that way. But it looks like they are trying to make it contemporary and set in what at least "looks" like the plain old normal world. I guess Cruella works for that, but those others must have lived a long damned time and traveled pretty far (or... magic). And I hope animals can talk.

    Or maybe it's supposed to be like Drawn Together, only not drawn... and actually for kids?

    Whatever... I'm obviously procrastinating because there's definitely better things I could be thinking about right now! For all I know all the characters get zapped out of their story's place and time by some kind of magic portal swirly thing so they have to learn important life lessons by working together in order to get back. Or maybe it's like Hunger Games and only one can live.

    Now I think I'm just writing demented fanfic or something.

  3. So, they're not just Final Fantasy cosplayers?

  4. Remember when Disney used to put a real, honest effort into going out there and finding someone else's ideas to rip off?

    Now it's like they're too lazy to even bother. Easier just to dredge up pointless, dull dreck from the back-catalog from 25 years or older.

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