Watch 'The IT Crowd' explain perfectly how we feel about World Cup fever

This represents perfectly how I feel about sports. "I want to go back to being weird. I like being weird. Weird's all I've got. That and my sweet style." Man, I love the IT Crowd. This clip is from Season 3, episode 2, "Are We Not Men."



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  1. Did you see that ludicrous display last night?

  2. This is one of the more tedious parts of the internet

    Not posts about a major event (Eurovision/Super Bowl/ Olympics). But posts people who don't care yet simultaneously manage to ACTUALLY care enough to make a show of declaring how much they don't care.

    It's like folks that don't own a TV. As far as I can tell a major selling point of going TV-less is telling everyone within earshot that you don't have a TV.

  3. You try to explain every 2 years that no, you don't watch soccer even during the European/World Cup, to every freaking person.
    If posting a video like this even prevents one person to explain to me that I should really watch the game because it's so much fun, I will do it.

    Besides any reason to post an IT crowd clip is a good reason.

  4. I thought Mitchell & Webb got it pretty well too . . . all sports really:

  5. I kind of agree. Especially since they seek out articles which they could have ignored easily.

    Not quite. We kinda of came to not having TV reception by accident. Hardware broke down and we didn't get around to fix it for some months. We then kinda fixed it because a relative insisted on helping, but a couple of months later it broke again.

    Since we didn't actually miss it and I started to despise a lit of the mainstream programmes, we didn't bother to fix it again.

    Only them we noticed how many everyday conversations are about TV shows and silly human interest stories. Which we can't partake in and have to remind people that we don't have TV, because they constantly try to tell us about their TV consumption.

    It's a little but like the misconception that gays flautbthei sexuality, just because they do the same thing heterosexual couples do in public like holding hands, kissing, using the partners gender pronoun, etc.

    You would surprise how many people insist that we harm our son by nor giving him access to daily TV programming.

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