When did Star Trek ever *not* violate the Prime Directive?

"The Prime Directive is paramount, the Prime Director is sacrosanct, the... wait, these blissed-out primitives worship a computer inside of a big stone head? Fuck the Prime Directive, it must be destroyed!"

From a Facebook post by Gareth Branwyn.

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  1. shutz says:

    Because stories about things going as planned tend to be boring, whereas stories that deal with exceptions tend to be more interesting.

  2. Technically that falls under the "Temporal Prime Directive", but since that change in history was caused by Bones, who wasn't in a good mental state at the time (he accidentally hyposprayed himself with a giant dose of "Cordrazine", a stimulant normally used for people in heart arrest), its not surprising he didn't keep that directive in mind, it's doubtful he could even remember it while he still had the drug in his system.

  3. Clearly, Kirk never read the part that said, "Don't bang the aliens, no matter how hot they are."

  4. I think it's probably best to completely ignore anything fucked up in the JJ Abrams timeline. Why the hell was the Enterprise underwater within running distance of the primitive people instead of in orbit? This is Star Trek, not Seaquest. Why did they need to lower Spock down into the volcano with an ice bomb instead of just lowering the bomb or launching the bomb with a torpedo? Everything about that opening bit seemed designed as an excuse for cool-looking visual effects and to fit in with the rest of the plot.

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