Jihadists and their allies in Iraq and Syria are posting weird cat photos online

Can't we all agree to leave the cats out of this conflict? More here. #catsofjihad may or may not be a real thing, and this looks to be the work of fans rather than actual fighters——but there you have it.

Notable Replies

  1. Yeah, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the #catsofjihad tag is not coming from Al Qaeda or any affiliated groups.

  2. Maybe not officially, but there's no reason there couldn't be a few wags in the bunch. I'm hoping the DOD psyops people can fight back with some even better All-American cat photos. Let this be the new battleground of cyber-warfare!

  3. This will doubtless conjure innumerable images containing a bald eagle, missiles, guns, US flags & various other tea party tee shirt must-haves.

    edit: and cats, cats will now be featured on all that list.

  4. Have we dehumanized jihadists to the point that they're not allowed to celebrate Caturday?

  5. I suppose that this is too obvious a place for steganographic messages?

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