John Oliver to FCC Chairman: prove you aren't a dingo!

When John Oliver smote the FCC over its pro-cable-company-fuckery policy, he compared hiring Tom Wheeler away from his job as top cable lobbyist to run the FCC to hiring a dingo to babysit your kids. Wheeler responded by assuring the American public that he was not a dingo (because metaphor). In his latest segment on the matter, Oliver challenged Wheeler to prove it.

Notable Replies

  1. It took 48 hours from when this aired to when clip that's been posted across the entire internet makes it to BB. That's what I call careful curation!

  2. Yes, because they have no lives, no families; nothing at all to do, but jump on the keyboard and spit out a post, the very instant something becomes popular!
    I'd like to understand your apparent frustration. Would you care to explain what you were expecting?
    I'm not being sarcastic (well, anymore)- I'd really like to know about your opinion, and how you picture the lives and work cycles of the editors:)

  3. I hadn't seen it before because I've been busy and haven't been online 24/7, AND I never seem to have time to watch TV so I don't keep up with this show when it's live. So I appreciate that BB -- one site I check daily -- has posted it.

    But thank you for your enlightening opinion.

  4. Man, you are really pissed off! Why don't you write to the editors about this instead of complaining on the forum?

    Alternatively, you could try this:

    Read the things on this site you enjoy.

    Ignore everything else.


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