Judge ordered US military to turn over its video of Gitmo force-feedings. So military stopped filming.

Attorneys representing a Guantanamo detainee who was force-fed in a brutal, abusive manner have entered into evidence, as part of a lawsuit filed on the man's behalf, three videos shot by military guards at the prison.
From Al Jazeera:

The three classified videos, filed Saturday, are presumed to corroborate statements made by Ahmed Rabbani, whose statements were submitted directly to the judge in an affidavit on Friday.

U.S. District Court Judge Gladys Kessler had ordered the U.S. military to hand over 28 videos of the force-feedings in May and gave them until Friday to submit the footage. The process of force-feeding, depicted in the videos, includes the deployment of what's called a “Forcible Cell Extraction” team to detainees who appear resistant.

Rabbani's affidavit says authorities have stopped filming all force-feeding sessions in response to Kessler's order to hand the tapes over to lawyers. “It is a great shame as I would always describe loudly for the camera what was being done to me,” Rabbani said in the affidavit.