X-Wing Fighter knife-block

Starting in August, you'll be able to buy these Star Wars X-Wing knife blocks for £70, with five knives (of unknown quality). At first, I assumed that the naked blades protruded from the block, but on closer inspection, it appears that the chromed sheaths are integral to it. That's a big bonus for practicality and safety, but does limit your options for replacing the knives with your own.

Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block

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  1. Let the consumer feeding frenzy begin!

    New films, new products, new profits!


  2. Perfect for carving up roast Porkins with a Wedge salad on the side.

  3. The sci-fi nerd in me is all "Want" and the cooking nerd in me is all like "shitty knives, pass."

    All of these cool looking knife sets come with such crap knives and due to their make you can't really put your own good knives in there. It's a bummer.

  4. The X-Wing block is cool, but I guarantee the knives are poor quality.

    Whenever I see someone put a block of knives on their wedding registry or whatever, I want to shake them. Please, please, please, take the cost of that block of knives and put it towards one single good chef knife. I guarantee you'll get more and happier use out of it than you ever will from you four different sizes of cheap "santoku" knives and two boning knives.

  5. "Lock Ginsus in attack position"

    You know someone was gonna say it.

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