Steve Wozniak wants you to support Mayday.US and get money out of politics

Apple co-founder, nerd legend, and all-round Good Guy Steve Wozniak has recorded an excellent video explaining why he's supporting Larry Lessig's Mayday.US super PAC, which is raising $5M to elect lawmakers who'll promise to vote to abolish super PACs and effect major campaign finance reform.

Wozniak draws the connection between big money in politics and the overall corruption that gave us SOPA, NSA surveillance, cable company fuckery, and other horribles that arise when the only way to get elected is by sucking up to a tiny elite of the zottarich.

I am not a US citizen and I can't contribute to Mayday. If you are, I hope you will consider giving to the campaign, and throw in a couple extra bucks for me.


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  1. Re; "I am not a US citizen and I can't contribute to Mayday."

    Are you .... kidding me? This has never stopped anyone ever before in history. Get out of the cheap seats. Save democracy. Send cash to me. I'll know what to do with it.

  2. Ah, there you are. I thought I saw some rocks move and heard some slithering on the ground...

    The usual round of naysayers slither out from under their rocks once again to say it's all fruitless to fight and offer oversimplified misrepresentations of Mayday.US without offering any constructive criticism nor any alternative plans of action except to shit on those of us who are actually trying to change this country for the better. Same type naysayers that slithered out and said MayOne wouldn't get funded in the first place and were proven completely and utterly wrong. Your track records and credibility are shit, naysayers.

    You guys are like Dick Cheney who now has the nerve to slither out from under his slimy rock to spew on about how wrong everyone else is on Iraq. Cheney does this in hopes that everyone suffers from dementia and can't remember the Bush administration fiasco, nor the fact that Cheney has zero credibility and is a war profiteering war criminal. But, nope, we haven't forgotten.

    And, I haven't forgotten your shit track records, naysayers, and how you slithered back under your rocks after we've succeeded in the past without so much as an apology or any acknowledgment of being wrong. Because you lack the dignity.

    That's OK, we'll succeed without you, naysayers. Like we always do... without you. Just stay in the meek sidelines where you belong, sneering at those of us who have the courage of our convictions to take action while you sit on your lazy asses.

    We'll do what you won't do, despite you.

  3. I don't pretend to be explaining something, while I am condescending, because that would be pretentious. I also enjoy pointing out pretentious rhetoric, and long walks on the beach.

  4. What, like petrol, groceries, medicine, broadband...? and a tonne of other commodities that're owned by gigantic cartels down the complex company chain, so long the connections aren't even obvious).
    You can keep your hermit hippie cabin in the woods mate. I'd rather fight dying for a proper future against psychopathic leeches that'd soon as piss on you as pay you.

  5. Still not really getting it are you? Let me simplify. If you spend any money at all you're "feeding the beast". It doesn't matter where you spend it, it filters back to the few. Your master plan of detachment is simply turning your back while the "beast" grows.

    From where we stand, you look a lot like Monty Python's Black Knight.

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