$50K worth of cocaine baked into delicious cookies seized at US airport

Officials at the airport confiscated cookies with a street value of more than $50,000. U.S. Customs and Border Protection says that's because the cookies had 118 pellets of cocaine baked into them. (Photo: U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

Photo: U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Customs and Border Protection officials at Newark airport confiscated a batch of cocaine cookies with an estimated street value of over $50,000. Some 118 pellets of cocaine were baked into the tasty treats.

From the Asbury Park Press:

A spokesman for the agency said Thursday that customs officers made the discovery June 5 during an examination of luggage from passengers arriving at the New Jersey airport on a flight from Guatemala City. Customs officials say Guatemalan citizen Mauricio Isidro Rivera Hernandez was arrested after officers allegedly discovered the cookies in his three checked bags.

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