Faded, clown-themed motel that backs onto a plague pit

Tonopoah, NV's Clown Motel is a relic of the Gold Rush town's faded glory years, and it is filled with clowns. Hundreds of clowns stare from every corner, the walls are hung with clown-portraits, and there is a "historic miners' cemetery" out the motel's back door, wherein rest the mouldering corpses of the victims of a mysterious epidemic that is only known as "Tonopah plague." Redditors who've stayed at the Clown Motel have taken to this thread to one-up one-another with tales of the establishment's freaky weirdness. Norwegiancoconut dropped a link to this gallery of photos from a previous stay.

America's scariest motel is haunted... by hundreds of clowns

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  1. If you find yourself in Tonopah, why bother with the clown kitsch when a truly interesting hotel is right there and cheap:

    The Mizpah Hotel.

    Even if you're just passing through, belly up to the bar. It's worth the stop.

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