The dirty business of hospice care

Hospice used to be charity work run by religious organizations. Now it's big business, complete with all-too-predictable horrifying corruption unmasked in an expose by Ben Hallman at Huffington Post.

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  1. I would express outrage, but stories like this are just too common any more.

  2. My mother was in Community Hospice of Northeast Florida's St. Vincent's Hospital inpatient center for the nine days before she died. She received the best round-the-clock care. The nurses came by to check on her every hour, was attentive to her needs, and really just gave her the best care they could.

    This article only talks about one hospice provider, yet talks as though this is vindictive of all hospice providers.

  3. IMB says:

    There was a distinction in the intro about religious affiliations versus profit generating businesses.
    And I'm glad you had a good experience.

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