Armani designer out after plagiarism claim

bracelets Patrick Robinson, a fashion designer at Armani Exchange, has left the company after similarities between one of its bracelets and a classic David Yurman design were noted, reports the New York Post.

The controversial accessory at hand is a bracelet. Armani's is the design on the right, marketed as being made from recycled guns. Yurman's design, the Cable Classics Bracelet, is on the left.

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  1. Yeah, they are both torques. I'm not impressed by the copying claim. It may be a copy, but it isn't an exact copy. Meh.

    I'm against unsavory blatant and opportunistic corporate plagiarism, but this case, not so much.

  2. Chiming in to agree that they're just torcs. I have half a dozen with different twists and caps dating back to about 1970, so if these were copyrightable, some hippy is in for an unexpected payday.

  3. CTG says:

    Would now be the time to bring up a clip once posted on this site?

  4. Sounds like they made a really, really lame excuse to fire a guy for whatever other reasons.

    Neither designs are unique or original. I've seen Celt, Greek, and Roman bracelets that were basically the same design.

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