Dare You Peer Into the Secret Files of Dick Cheney?

Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH former Vice President Dick Cheney assumes human form in order to taunt and enrage actual humans.

Attention, foolish Surface Dwellers! The Prince of Cheneyness forbids you to join the accursed INNER HIVE, in which members insolently gain access to private files such as these, and see ridiculous Tom the Dancing Bug comic strips before publication.

DO NOT click here to join, and whatever you do, DO NOT follow that civic menace and perpetual pest Ruben Bolling on Twitter and Facebook.

Published 5:35 am Wed, Jun 25, 2014

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The 1944 science fiction story that predicted the atomic bomb

In 1944, fully a year before the first successful nuclear test, Astounding Science Fiction magazine published a remarkably detailed description of an atomic bomb in a story called Deadline. The story, by the otherwise undistinguished author Cleve Cartmill, sent military intelligence racing to discover the source of his information — and his motives for publishing it.

Tikis of Bora Bora

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