Douchebag centaur kills bird with stone for no reason

Winsor McCay was the creator of Little Nemo in Slumberland and the groundbreaking Gertie the Dinosaur cartoon from 1914. Here is the "only surviving fragment of McCay’s now-lost The Centaurs, produced in 1921 by Rialto Productions. The animation is notable for it’s particular quality of line and movement way ahead of its time (20 years before Disney would reach such heights with Fantasia) and for a strange little moment when one of the centaurs strikes down a bird with a stone for seemingly no reason."

Notable Replies

  1. Beautiful, it reminds me of Maxfield Parrish. Also, the bird was a spy.

  2. Christ, what an asshole.

  3. I'm pretty sure McKay also used rotoscoping for the scene at the end of "Gertie the Dinosaur" where he magically stepped into the film and took a ride on her back.

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